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Mayor's "Stay Safe, Bluffton!" Pledge

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    Mayor's "Stay Safe Bluffton!" Campaign

  2. Why:

    • More than 1400 vehicle collisions annually occur in the Town of Bluffton. 
    • Several Bluffton residents lose their lives annually on local roads.
    • Drivers are killed or severely injured in Beaufort County each year due to distracted driving.
    • Some at-fault drivers and victims will face life-altering financial burdens, lawsuits, and permanent physical injuries. 
    • One collision or single-vehicle incident can result in drivers license suspension, insurance cancellation, or a damaged vehicle. 
    • Stay focused and #JustDrive! Most drivers on the road are driving distracted. Sixty-five (65%) of middle and high school students report they witness their parents regularly driving distracted. 
  3. I Pledge to #JustDrive:

    • Drive safely for myself and my family, being mindful lives are lost in a second due to distracted driving. 
    • Wear my seatbelt and ensure passengers wear theirs.  
    • Keep music off or at a reasonable level to avoid audible distractions or aggressive driving. 
    • Keep my hands on the steering wheel and avoid removing them for cell phone use or any other purpose, such as eating/drinking, brushing hair, applying make-up, or even flossing teeth. 
    • Maintain my emotions while driving to avoid high rates of speed, erratic vehicle movements, or road rage. 
    • Only operate a vehicle with a clear mind; never operate it under the influence of emotions, drugs, or alcohol. 
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