What is the purpose of this Ordinance?

This new law is the result of eco-friendly legislation aimed at improving our environment by curbing the distribution of single-use plastic bags and making a shift to reusable bags. Plastic bags can escape into our waterways and the ocean, where they are harmful to animals. They break down into smaller pieces of plastic that enter the food chain of animals and eventually that of humans.

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1. When does the Ordinance go into effect?
2. What businesses are affected by the Ordinance?
3. What are the differences between the County and Municipal Ordinances?
4. What bags are restricted by the Ordinance?
5. What exemptions are allowed?
6. Can retailers provide plastic bags for meat, produce, bulk foods and other items?
7. Is there an exemption for clothing stores?
8. By what standards must I abide?
9. What type of bag is considered reusable?
10. What is the Town’s plan for informing customers of the Ordinance?
11. How should I get ready for the Ordinance going into effect on November 1, 2018?
12. Are retailers allowed to use up existing stocks of plastic bags after November 1, 2018?
13. What is the purpose of this Ordinance?
14. Who may I call for additional information?