What exemptions are allowed?

The following types of plastic bags are allowed for the following uses:

  • Bags comprised of recyclable plastic, with a minimum thickness of 2.25 mils
  • Bags for items sold in bulk such as bulk food and bulk hardware items
  • Bags of any type that a customer brings to the store for his or her own use to carry away goods that are not placed in a bag provided by the store
  • Bags or plastic wraps for flowers, potted plants or items where dampness may be an issue
  • Bags provided by pharmacists or veterinarians to contain prescription drugs or other medical necessities, as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Laundry or dry cleaning
  • Meat, produce and bakery bags
  • Newspaper and door-hanger bags
  • Pet waste, yard waste, and garbage bags

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1. When does the Ordinance go into effect?
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5. What exemptions are allowed?
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13. What is the purpose of this Ordinance?
14. Who may I call for additional information?