Terrorism Awareness & Prevention

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Report Incidents:

Terrorism affects us all. Everyone should be vigilant and take notice of their surroundings. Report suspicious items or activities to local authorities immediately. If you see something, say something.

Recognizing Suspicious Activities:

Unusual requests for information can be a warning sign for terrorist activities. Some examples would be a telephone request at work asking about the security system, questions about the habits of your Chief Executive Officer, or a survey asking for comments on the response time and habits of emergency personnel.

Although possibly legitimate, these are all techniques used by terrorists to gather information while planning an attack. Do NOT give out sensitive information unless you know the person you are talking to, and they have a need for the information.

Suspected Criminal or Terror Activity:

Report any suspected criminal or terrorist activity by calling 866-472-8477 or using the online South Carolina Information and Intelligence Center Suspicious Activity Report form.