Concern or Service Request

Ways to Report Non-Emergency Issues:

  1. Submit a Request
  2. By Phone: 843-706-4500

Most Frequently Requested Services

  • Drainage Concern
  • Facilities Maintenance Request
  • Graffiti/Vandalism
  • Infrastructure Issue
  • Landscaping
  • Park Maintenance Request
  • Pavement/Pothole Repair
  • Sidewalk Issue
  • Sign Maintenance
  • Trash/Recycling
  • Trees

Information That Helps Citizen Services Address Your Issue

  • Location: Where is the problem or request located? (Address, intersection, in front of what business, north/south side of street, NE/SE corner, etc.)
  • Description: What exactly is the issue or condition? (as much detail as you can provide)
  • Timeframe: How long has this issue/condition existed or when did you first notice it?
  • Contact information: What is your name and email address? (if you would like to receive information about the resolution to your issue we need to enter your email address into our Customer Request Management (CRM) system)

Process Your Service Request Will Follow

  • Requests are entered into our Customer Request Management (CRM) system and immediately routed to the appropriate department to be addressed.
  • The responsible department will investigate your issue and take the necessary steps to address it.
  • If you want to provide an update or request information on the status of your issue, you can check your case status online.
  • If you provided an email address, you will be notified when the service request is completed.
  • Once your service request is completed, we appreciate your feedback on the process, including customer service and the quality and timeliness of resolution to your issue. We use this data to monitor the quality of service town wide.