K-9 Unit

Established in 2016, the Bluffton Police Department has two K-9 units. All dogs are German Shepherds. The K-9 units are cross trained for detecting illegal substances, chemicals or explosives; identifying individuals who were in contact with such illicit substances; suspect apprehension; and track and rescue of kidnapped or missing persons.

K-9 Units:

  • Hunden, handler Sergeant Jason Rodriquez
  • Teeko, handler Corporal Joseph Delong
  • Riley, handler Officer Connor Fredericks

What is a K-9 Unit?

A K-9 unit is a specialized group of law enforcement officers who use service dogs to perform the responsibilities of a general police officer. In addition to their usual duties, each K-9 officer is also a dog handler, meaning that they have to train and care for their canine partner. The responsibilities of a K-9 officer does not end with his shift. The dog is the police officer’s partner not only at work but also at home. The K-9 handler and their family should be prepared to take care of the canine, which includes to welcome him at their house, ensure he receives proper training, take care of his health and make sure the dog is provided for when the family goes on a vacation. In other words, the K-9 officer takes full responsibility to provide his canine partner with the opportunity to live long and healthy life.

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