Board, Commission & Committee Vacancies

The Town of Bluffton is seeking applications for vacancies on its Boards, Commissions, and Committees. To apply for a vacancy, submit an application.


  • Accommodation Tax Advisory Committee 
    • Two (2) Vacancies for representatives of the hospitality industry
    • One (1) Vacancy for a representative of a local cultural organization
    • One (1) Vacancy for a representative of the lodging industry
  • Affordable Housing Committee
    • Three (3) Vacancies for representatives of a community organization
    • One (1) Vacancy for a Bluffton resident
  • Beautification Committee
    • Two (2) Vacancies for Town resident, business owner, or freeholder (i.e., Bluffton property owner) 
  • Board of Zoning Appeals
    • Four (4) Vacancies for Town resident, business owner or freeholder (i.e., Bluffton property owner)
  • Construction Board of Adjustments & Appeals
    • One (1) Vacancies for an engineer 
    • One (1) Vacancy for an electrical contractor
  • Historic Preservation Commission
    • Three (3) Vacancies for a resident, business owner or property owner in the Historic District
    • One (1) Vacancy for an at-large position (i.e., Applicant has a demonstrated interest, competency and/or knowledge in historic preservation). 
  • Municipal Election Commission
    • One (1) Vacancy for a resident and is registered to vote in the Town of Bluffton
  • Planning Commission
    • Two (2) Vacancies for a town resident, property-owner (i.e., freeholder) or business owner
  • Public Art Committee
    • Seven (7) Vacancies. Town Council is seeking inaugural committee members. Applicants for this committee can be those who produce art, sell art, is an art broker or work within the art community. Members of this committee may not submit proposals for consideration during their tenure on the committee and must recuse themselves from any votes or discussion related to projects/donations/submittals with which they have a relationship.