Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee


Meetings for the Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee are scheduled as necessary.


  • Geoff Scott, Chair
  • Alan Warren, Program Director
  • Chris Marsh, Executive Director
  • Russell Berry, Retired Regional Director
  • Derk Bergquist, Environmental Science
  • Dan Hitchcock, Assistant Professor
  • Heath Kelsey, Ecological Modeler
  • Mark Messersmith, Biologist, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Randy Moody, Regional Shellfish Program Manager
  • Dwayne Porter, Graduate Director
  • Denise Sanger, Marine Scientist
  • Katie Snyder, Watershed Manager, Environmental Protection Agency

About the Committee

The thirteen-member Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee is tasked with assisting and advising Town Council by objectively evaluating the Town’s water quality monitoring programs, statistically evaluating data and describing the trends they exhibit, and providing technical guidance for further studies and courses of action per the Committee’s establishment by a majority vote of Town Council on March 16, 2010.