Lowcountry Stormwater Partners

The Lowcountry of South Carolina is defined by its sunsets over marshes, soft beaches, local seafood, and a waterfront lifestyle. Recreational opportunities center on water-related activities and the economic success of the area is contingent on healthy, beautiful waterways.

About Lowcountry Stormwater Partners

To further protect these waterways and to preserve the Lowcountry’s quality of life for future generations, Clemson Extension, Beaufort County, the Town of Bluffton, the Town of Hilton Head Island, the City of Beaufort, and the Town of Port Royal have partnered alongside other organizations to form the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners. Together, we work with residents, local contractors, and other focused audiences to prevent stormwater pollution, encourage individual action, and promote responsibility for water protection.

Vision Statement

The Lowcountry Stormwater Partners strive for healthy, fishable, swimmable waterways to continue the prosperity of the region.

Mission Statement

Lowcountry Stormwater Partners - striving for healthy, fishable, swimmable waterways.


  • Help the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners’ local Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (SMS4s) meet and stay compliant with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Stormwater Program permit requirements for Minimum Control Measure (MCM) 1 (public education and outreach) and MCM 2 (public involvement) by providing local resources and services.
  • Leverage the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners network of partners to maximize the efficiency of stormwater education and involvement efforts using a regional approach.
  • Develop and implement targeted outreach programs that address primary stormwater pollutants of concern.
  • Encourage positive behavioral changes in support of environmental protection and awareness through stormwater education.
  • Foster and expand upon citizen involvement in stormwater management through education and participation in programs.
  • Facilitate collaboration among local organizations interested in watershed-related education in order to best meet the needs of local communities.

2019 to 2023 Strategic Regional Stormwater Outreach Plan

Through surveys, regional communication, and data gathering, the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners developed a strategic outreach plan to address major concerns of partners, relevant and involved audiences, and documented water quality concerns. The purpose of this plan is to provide a strategy for developing education, outreach, and involvement opportunities in the region that includes long term goals, targeted behaviors, and specific audiences over the next five years. Read the Strategic Regional Stormwater Outreach Plan (PDF).

Stay Up-To-Date

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Lowcountry Stormwater Pond Conference

Held every other year, Lowcountry Stormwater Partners provides a forum for the latest information, resources, and tools on stormwater pond management for the Lowcountry community. Topics include a plenary session, the current state of knowledge on stormwater ponds, integrated pest management, aquatic week management, wildlife habitat, sea level rise, and upland management. Pond owners, Homeowner’s Association representatives, property managers, and pond management professionals are encouraged to participate. For more information regarding the next Lowcountry Stormwater Partners’ Pond Conference, visit the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners Program