Comprehensive Plan

Per the South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act of 1994, the Town must update its Comprehensive Plan every 10 years, including 10 required elements, to guide the development and redevelopment of Bluffton. A re-evaluation of the Plan is required five years after its adoption, and it may be revised as deemed necessary by Town Council. 

The required elements include Cultural Resources, People, Economy, Resiliency, Housing, Natural Resources, Land Use, Transportation, Community Facilities, and Priority Investments.

The Town of Bluffton adopted its current Comprehensive Plan, known as Blueprint Bluffton, on November 8, 2022. Blueprint Bluffton was developed with community input obtained through meetings and surveys that helped to identify goals and objectives related to each element, resulting in more than 150 potential actions for the Town to pursue. Actions include policies, projects, and programs that are prioritized by Town Council based on need and resources.

Blueprint Bluffton Comprehensive Plan 2022

Blueprint Bluffton Comprehensive Plan (Low Resolution)

Introduction & Process

Element 1: Cultural Resources

Element 2: People

Element 3: Economy

Element 4: Resiliency 

Element 5: Housing

Element 6: Natural Resources

Element 7: Land Use

Element 8: Transportation

Element 9: Community Facilities

Element 10: Priority Investments

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Previous Comprehensive Plans & Audits

Comprehensive Plan - Adopted Sept 2007 (Amended Dec 2014)

Comprehensive Plan Audit - May 2014

Neighborhood Plans

Old Town Master Plan

Guided by the nationally-known town planning firm Dover, Kohl & Partners, the Town of Bluffton and local citizens participated in a multi-day visioning and design process to create the Old Town Master Plan. The planning process began with a review of all previous plans and studies of Old Town Bluffton and included a physical evaluation of Old Town. Analysis of the information was shared by the planning team in a charrette or design workshop. This intensive, interactive design and policy planning process culminated in the development of a shared vision for Old Town and the creation of the Old Town Master Plan.

Buck Island Simmonsville Neighborhood Plan

Following the adoption of the 2014 Comprehensive Plan, the Buck Island - Simmonsville Neighborhood Plan was developed by the Town with input from area citizens concerned  with infrastructure, development pressures, and other quality of life issues. The plan articulates the community’s desires for its future.